Character Creation - Races

The following races are allowed without restriction. Rarity is provided merely to assist with backstory.

The common races of Odeum can be found most everywhere. For the most part, all are treated without prejudice.

  • Humans
  • Elves
  • Half-Elves
  • Dwarves
  • Halflings


  • Gnomes - gnomes are well-received but do not commonly live in Odeum.
  • Dragonborn - dragonborn have historically chosen to keep to their own, but they have earned a reputation as an honorable people and are treated as welcome outsiders whenever they venture to Odeum.
  • Goliaths - goliaths tend to stick to their own settlements but are generally treated with much respect wherever they can be found. Goliaths tend to be given the benefit of the doubt unless they earn otherwise.


  • Half-Orcs - an orc is a rare sight in this part of the world, though the occasional warband is not unheard of. The half-orcs they leave behind are looked upon with a mixture of pity and disgust.
  • Tieflings - the last decade has seen several disputes and minor wars between Odeum and the western tieflings. They don’t tend to get a warm welcome on the mainland.
  • Deep Gnomes - Svirfneblin rarely venture to the surface. Those who do are treated as interesting curiosities.
  • Genasi - a genasi’s elemental heritage is seen as proof that they are touched by fate and destined for greatness. It’s considered good luck to have one around.
  • Drow - legends say that thousands of years ago all the sentient races of the world banded together to wipe out the drow. There are none left.

Character Creation

Character Creation - Races

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